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LyricsGetter 1.3.1

Tilgore Kraut - March 27, 2009

While listening to your favorite songs, it might happen that you struggle to strike the precise lyrics of any song. This could pose hassles if you happen to be a person who is generally asked to sing songs on request in parties. In a bid to get the most accurate lyrics, people pour huge amount of efforts in the guise of browsing websites offering the lyrics of various songs. But, it’s possible to get rid of the tedious process conveniently, simply by taking the assistance of the new LyricsGetter. It’s a lyrics grabber tool, which allows you to search the song lyrics by specifying its name or artist. The program searches and presents the song lyrics that can be printed, saved or copied for further usage. Even the application can work in integration with Winamp as you can search the lyrics of the currently played song.

On launch the LyricsGetter 1.3.1 displays an extremely simple console for carrying out the lyrics search. For searching the lyrics, you require specifying the song title or artist name in the provided fields. Now, hit ‘Search lyrics’ and the application would search the lyrics matching the songs and displays it on the wide main screen area. Accessing the File menu option, you can open an Mp3 files for searching its lyrics, and in addition it also supports printing or storing the lyrics in text format file. Even you can alter the text font and copy the lyrics content to clipboard using the features associated with ‘Edit’ menu. Furthermore, with the View menu, you can launch Options window, where you can set the program window to appear over other windows, and place it in taskbar and system tray.

LyricsGetter facilitates you to search for the lyrics of any song by specifying the necessary details; in addition it also lets you store or print it, as required.

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