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3D Visioner – 3D Visualization Visio addon 2.3

Tilgore Kraut - March 30, 2009

3D Visioner is 3D visualization add-on for Microsoft Visio 2002/2003. The ability to see whole project in one 3D scene, including all pages, shapes, links, and even visualized hyperlinks aids in the productivity for Microsoft Visio users everywhere.

Features: 3D Visioner is works as an add-on for Microsoft Visio 2002/2003. It adds the third dimension capability to Visio drawings. It is able to provide you 3D viewing and editing capabilities. The 3D Visioner lets you see the whole project in one 3D scene, including all pages, shapes, links, and even visualized hyperlinks. It can thus enhance productivity for Microsoft Visio users. 2D drawings can be extruded into the 3rd dimension in a single mouse click. Navigation tools displays relationships between pages in the project and you are able to navigate them easily.

You can open as many 3D windows as you need in each Visio project. All Visioner windows are usual Visio “Anchor windows”, so you can dock them and work as you get into the way of using them. Rotate, scale and pan the 3D scene of each window to set the most convenient angle of view. When you edit your Visio project through add, delete or move Visio shapes, create or delete connections, etc. the changes are immediately reflect on these windows. Navigation is made easy as you select a 3 D object the item in Visio is automatically selected. Similarly clicking on a 3D page automatically selects the same. 3D Visioner provides a convenient way to use the power of inter-page links. Simply click on two different pages to create a link.

Overall: A very convenient extension of Visio capabilities. It is easy to use too.

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