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Note Mania

O. James Samson - April 30, 2009

Note Mania is small yet a highly useful tool for those who wanted to be reminded and keep notes on almost everything the work on and see online. This application uses the basic concept of the traditional “sticky notes” while adding more functionality for ease of use and versatility.

The application lets you add notes to virtually everything – calendars, contacts, documents and bookmarks could be placed with a note. You can also launch a note on an RSS or Atom feed so that you’ll be able to be notified in case an update on your feed is available.

The best thing about Note Mania is the customization of skins. Not only you’ll be able to change the skin of the application but you can create a number of skins. These skins could be used to different tasks and other appointments. Aside from an additional note, you’ll have color coding for additional information. Colors could even be added with for easier recognition. Note Mania could even be used as stand-alone reminder which automatically pops-up in your preferred time or date. You can also configure your notes so that it will not pop-up anymore.

Note Mania doesn’t even have to be a permanent note in your computer. You can set the file as “temporary” which will automatically be deleted forever once you close the window.

This application could be easily set up in Window-based computers (less than 1MB). The footprint and RAM requirement of the application is also minimal so that it will not interfere in your running applications.

Check it out at

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