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Temp File Cleaner

O. James Samson - April 30, 2009

The name of the application out rightly tells its users what it can do. It will delete all temporary files in computers in order to free up disk space as well as increase the speed of the applications.

The application does not need any installation before it can be used. As soon as the .exe file is downloaded, it can be launched for use. However, the application will require the latest Java (version 1.6 or higher) before it can be used. This is probably the downside of the application. Although the .exe file is only 954kb, the latest Java could be very heavy for users as it could slow down the computer.

But downloading Java could be worth it with this application. The application could delete temporary files in computers but will also let users have complete control where to look for the temporary files to be deleted. The application could also be used to delete temporary files from browsers so that it could speed up the browser’s performance.

The impressive functionality of the application is its ability to “force delete” temporary files. These unnecessary files are usually left behind by uninstalled applications but have been interpreted by the system to be important. But take note that some files are actually useful – be sure that you’re familiar with the file so that it will not cause any system problems later. After deletion of temporary files, detailed information is provided.

Temp File Cleaner is an easy to use application. But its functionality is geared towards those who are already familiar with computer processes as it might delete important files.

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