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TED Notepad

O. James Samson - June 27, 2009

There are many free notepad applications that you can download online. Most of them offer more than simple editing tools offered by the native notepad application. TED Notepad is one of those applications but this particular application extends some of the simple functions on most notepads which makes it one of the must download notepad application.

The first thing you’ll notice about the application is its size. TED Notepad is less than 200kb which means you can download and use the application in less than a minute. But even with the size of the application, TED Notepad comes with very powerful features. Among them is the ability to swap through different files fast although the application will continuously ask you to save the file before transferring to new window. Undo and redo features are almost unlimited unlike the basic notepad which only allow you one undo and redo.

Text editing is also very efficient in the application. You can create up to 9 clips and paste them immediately with predefined shortcuts. Auto-completion of long words in the file is also enabled so you can encode faster. Hot keys that are also customizable to initiate special functions are also possible in the application. The application could even number the lines so that users can easily swap certain text to various destinations within the file.

All of these features could be enjoyed once the application is installed. But aside from full installation option, users can also download the portable version and launch them from portable storage devices.

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