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Moo0 TimeStamp

O. James Samson - August 26, 2009

Modify File Timestamp is an application for advanced computer users but very easy to use. Its sole function is to modify the time and date tags in your file and folders. You’ll be able to implement these changes even though you did not manually access your files.

The impressive feature of the application is in its ability to timestamp multiple files and folders. Users simply target the files and folders they want to change and the application will immediately implement your preferred timestamp. This makes it easier for users to change the tags in their files to easily organize the files in their system.

Users can also specify which fields should be changed when timestamp is implemented. Users can choose to change when the file was created, last modified or last accessed. Of course, they can also change these types of data at the same time.

There are two forms of implementation of timestamp in the application: first is auto-synchronization with the computer or a specific time zone. The second format is the specific time and date. You can actually specify the date accessed up to the last second. When users choose multiple files or a folder, the timestamp can implement intervals depending on the user’s specification.

It’s a relatively large application (2.41mb) for this small function. But the file size only increases the speed of the application in the computer without using too much resource. The interface is also very straightforward as the instructions and commands are placed in a single page.

Check it out at

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