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O. James Samson - August 27, 2009

Pola is a small and lightweight application that can easily convert any photo into Polaroid format. The application is less than 1MB so downloading the application and using it can only be in minutes even in slow internet connection.

Pola’s unique interface makes it a must download for those who wanted to have a fancy version of their digital images. The application has no buttons as it will allow you to operate the application through mouse clicks. To convert a photo, you simply drag the image you want in the application and wait for it to convert your photo into Polaroid version. If you want to save the file, simply right click on the image and save the image in your preferred destination. Small image files can be converted instantly but high resolution images could require a minute or two. The application automatically provides an almost authentic-Polaroid shot in any image.

Aside from its unique interface, there are also additional features that made Pola a worthy download for those who wanted an instant Polaroid processing application. The application is portable which means you don’t need to install the application just to use it. Simply click on the application file and the Pola will instantly launch. The application is also cross-platform which means Pola can be used in major operating systems. You can place the application in your portable storage device and use in any computer even in a different operating system.

Pola may only have one function but it has enough features that made this application a worthy download for everyone.

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