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Gaia Print Charger

O. James Samson - September 28, 2009

In business, controlling the cost is one of the most important rules that should be obeyed. In order to keep the business’ Internet usage cost low, the Gaia Print Charger software can be used. This is a software tool that monitors and charges Windows network.

The charging feature of the software enables information to be stored in a single database. Being such, the monitoring feature comes in handy because the administration of the database is also performed by the single Administration Program of the software.

The software has a Setup Wizard which makes anybody a whiz at installing the software. After the installation, the software can be immediately put to use. It has a number of print charging features that can really facilitate the computation of the printing costs. It is also compatible with printers such as PCL5, PCL6, ESC/ P2 (Epson), Postscript, and other GDI printers.

The cost of the different printed pages can be set up. For instance, the user can set different rates for single or double sided printing, or for black or color printing. It also enables the user to set a limit to the number of pages that can be printed within a certain period of time. The software can record the history of usage of the printer such as when was it last used, how many pages were printed, how much the cost of the printing job was, and more details.

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