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Online Armor Personal Firewall Free Edition Beta

O. James Samson - November 29, 2009

Though I do not really like to dwell much on free software, the truth is experience has proved me wrong. I have indeed tried out some free applications in the past and they have really impressed me. This software under review is coming under my lens because it is a security related software and so is important.

Online Armor Personal Firewall free edition Beta is a powerful and well built firewall software that can actively detect threats to your computer system and report back to you. It intelligently detects and identifies malicious behavior and subsequently targets it for exclusion from your computer before it has the chance to cause you any major damage.

This software provides you with online real time protection by identifying and quickly too all programs that are considered risky to your computer. These unwanted programs could be through emails or while working online or offline. It protects and analyses any program behaviors and does not just stop at searching for limited known threats from data base that is limited.

The free version of this program like other softwares that have free versions is limited to certain features which you can only get when you purchase the paid version.

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