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SUPER Antispyware Free Edition 4.31.1000

O. James Samson - November 29, 2009

Super Antispyware free edition 4.31.1000 is a free security software packaged to improve and enhance your online work. Is there any reason why you should expose your computer to threats in the first place when you know it cost you some amount of money to buy? Whatever it cost as long as it is worth it, the security of your computer and what you do online should not be compromised.

This program is built with a multi-dimensional scanning and process interrogation Technology that easily detects malicious programs that could put your computer in danger of been destroyed. It can detect and subsequently remove pests such as: Spy falcon, Spy axe and others that makes expose the vulnerability of your computer.

Though when set on auto run, this software may bug your system and cause it to run slow or start at a much slower pace. The splash screen which displays on boot takes much longer time to display when on auto run. It is however advised that you do not set it on auto run when you install it on your system.

Super Antispyware free Edition also has the following features added to it which were either not in past versions or at least not as effective as it is now. Some of these features or changes include: improved root kit detection technology, an updated threat remediation technology and update direct disk access.

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