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Ciaran Moore - April 27, 2010

Start-up programs are loaded first after your operating system boots up. These are parts of a whole application installed on your computer that needs to be loaded first because it is needed by the operating system to function properly. But there are also programs or applications that are automatically included as one of the start-up programs like antivirus. As more and more applications installed on your computer, start-up programs also increase even if some of them are not used. The more start-up programs loaded, the slower your computer will perform. You can manage start-up entries using task manager. Task manager contains all the start-up processes but provides limited information about each process so there’s a risk in killing an important process that will affect the performance of your computer.

StartupStar is third party software used to manage start-up programs of your computer. StartupStar offers flexibility in controlling what are the programs that must be loaded during start-up. You can access the start-up programs of your computer using StartupStar. Unlike windows task manager this program displays the details of each entry such as its name, its entry in the list, the file location, and the status. With its functionalities like change entry, remove entry and launch entry you can manage all the start-up programs of your computer very well.

Another important feature of StartupStar is that it automatically creates a back-up of the current settings of each program but you can do it also manually. With this feature, you can add new programs on start-up and observe its performance without worry of damaging your computer. Another feature of StartupStar is that it allows you to set entry-block. You can block files and prevent it from loading into your start-up automatically. This feature provides better safety from unwanted programs like spyware and adware, though this feature is only available in the commercial version and not on the 30 day trial. StartupStar’s environment is very informative, a help file is also provided, and entries are arranged in colors representing its location.

Further information is at Startupstar

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