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Microsoft Windows Home Server v2 “Vail” Beta

O. James Samson - April 28, 2010

Microsoft Windows Home Servers is a program for those with multiple home-based businesses, and also with multiple computers. It assists them to share, organize and back up their files automatically. Users can also backup their photos, important documents and even create backups for their videos and music files easily.

Microsoft has a lot of registered online users, and users might not have much problem in finding people to connect with online. This community of Windows users is registered to help improve the Windows Server Software online.

Microsoft Windows Home Server v2 Beta is weak when it comes to wireless connection. As a matter of fact, it does not work over a wireless connection, and this will create a lot of wireless users. If most routers can be wirelessly connected, why should it be different with Microsoft Windows Home Servers? Though still in Beta stage and some weaknesses can be excused, the publishers must know how important a factor this wireless issue is.

Microsoft Windows Home Server v2 “Vail”  Beta is a freeware and users can have it downloaded and installed for free. Apart from the wireless issue, I don’t have any other problem with this program. Users can enjoy some features like the following: simplified setup and user interface; improvements multi-PC backup and restore; extending media streaming outside the home and office and much more.

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