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Floola for Windows 5.7

O. James Samson - April 28, 2010

Floola for Windows 5.7 is a fine freeware program that helps you to effectively manage your Mtorola mobile phones; no matter the model of iTunes under Linux. It also helps to manage your iPod, Mac OS X as well as Windows. Floola needs no further installation because it can be run directly for a user’s iPod.

Virtually all iPod features works on Floola, and they include: artwork, podcasts, and smart playlists. Users can also find it useful when it comes to converting both audio and video incompatible with the iPod, making it easy for copying virtually any file directly to it.

The fact that Floola for Windows now supports Nano5G makes it more feature-rich and wonderful to use. Users who have this standalone application can also keep their Google calendars synched, add videos from YouTube and MySpace with just one click.

Some other unique features that users can begin to enjoy once they have the benefit of using this application include the following: copy and extract songs to and from iPod; easily find duplicated songs on iPod; availability in various languages; create HTML files containing list of iPod files belonging to users.

At least this application is free and does no harm to anyone who decides to give it a try; a fair enough program to use.

Want to check it out? Visit Floola

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