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PrimeDesktop Beta 3.0

O. James Samson - July 30, 2010

PrimeDesktop is described as an administrative program which usually works by allowing easy, but ultimately detailed planning and drawing of an entire network. The planning and drawing of an entire network comes with the ability to place, move and manipulate all entities within the network map such as desktops, server and infrastructure objects. PrimeDesktop requires Java 6 to operate effectively.

It is belief that this tool is the simply the best for professional and non-professionals alike. It is highly user-friendly as it can easily be used by just about anyone who may wish to try it.

PrimeDesktop is designed with unique features that stand it out. Some of its main features include: Network Rules; OS list; it can import and export Network rules; it can also import and export OS list; Hardware, Software and Network-Overview cleanup; Graphical Interface clean up; has the capacity to Device Properties save and display corrections; Device network info panel enhancements; Settings simplification; and Code clean up and bug patches.

Want to check it out? Visit Prime

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