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VideoMach 5.7.4

O. James Samson - August 26, 2010

This shareware is designed to convert image sequences from high-speed imagers, 3D renderers, time-lapse photography, stop-motion animation and screen capture applications to video. VideoMach 5.7.4 is also capable of converting AVI, Bayer, Vision Research/Phantom, HAV, GIF, CINE, FLI/FLC, JPEG, JPEG-2000, MPEG, OGV RGB, Targa, TIFF, WMV, WMA, AC3, OGG, XPM, and many other multimedia formats.

Other important uses of this program include; cropping of unwanted borders, resizing, rotating, color fixing, rotating and applying numerous filters, and others. Users also have the benefits of enjoying features that allow them arrange video matrices to display several videos in parallel, clean up noisy dark videos to read license plates, speed up or slow down videos (just like in Television commercials), overlay text and logos, among others.

VideoMach 5.7.4 is not a freeware, but users can afford to download it at $25.00 per software. Actually, this is a fair price to pay because of the numerous features included in this version. As a matter of fact, the publishers have gone ahead to include some new features in this version in review. These features include; fixing of FLIC encoder produced invalid data for large images, fixing of issue relating to distorted picture after free rotate when source file is 8-bit, among others. VideoMach 5.7.4 also comes with an uninstaller.

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