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Microsoft Generic Worker 0.9

O. James Samson - August 27, 2010

The Microsoft Generic Worker is a worker-role implementation for Windows Azure that eases the deployment and remote invocation of .NET applications within Azure, without making any changes to your existing source code. It is possible to have multiple .NET methods and dependency libraries to be registered as applications and downloaded directly into a virtual machine on demand. Download and installation are both easy and requires only little space on your computer.

The application also provides a sought of command line client, .NET APIs, and a Trident workflow activity to invoke all applications that have been registered. As a matter of fact, it also comes with support for automatic transfer of simple parameters and files between desktop and the virtual machine. Though, the program requires some technical understanding on the part of the user, it nevertheless does a lot of work.

It is actually a new program, and interestingly too, does not consume too much space on your system. Though, Microsoft Generic Worker is coming from a well-known publisher, the program on its own has the capacity to go the length. It works on Windows 7/2002/2003/Vista/ and XP operating systems. At least .NET applications within Azure can be easily deployed and without affecting or changing their source codes.

Want to check it out? Visit Microsoft

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