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Game Booster 2.0 Beta 1.1

O. James Samson - October 27, 2010

If you are looking for a game optimizer for your gaming experience and delight, check this program out. Game Booster is designed to help optimize your computer for an even smoother responsive game play in the latest computer games with the touch of a button. It can enable you achieve the performance edge formerly available only to highly technical game lovers. The program works by helping you to temporarily shut down background processes, cleaning RAM, and also intensifying processor performance. The result of this is that you can always keep all the features of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 ready whenever you need them; and still be able to turn them off when you are also ready to get down to work or serious business. Game Booster 2.0 Beta 1.1 is a fine program to help you take your gaming experience to a whole new dimension.

Definitely one of the best optimizers I have seen around; it just enhances the responsive game play in any latest computer game play. Game Booster is fully compatible with PunkBuster, Cheating-Death, VAC, and any other anti-cheat software.

Some of the key features of this freeware include: more CPU and RAM to your games, making it load and run even faster than ever; defragment game directory and files; boost the stability of your game; and, many more.

Want to check it out? Visit Iobit.

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