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Epic 1.2

O. James Samson - November 17, 2010

Epic is the first ever Indian web browser launched by Indian startup company Hidden Reflex. It comes with a lot of features that enhances your browsing experience. Epic also has a built-in antivirus and antivirus programs powered by ESET. The sidebar has a lot widgets already installed such as skins, maps, jobs, news, Gmail, Yahoo, and many more. Also, the publishers have included some major social networking sites such as: Facebook; Twitter; and Orkut, which are alls included in the browser’s sidebar. The publishers have also included over 1500 other free applications that have been included in the browser; which means, users can enjoy more additions to the already existing ones that originally came with it.

Epic allows you to files and folder directly from the sidebar; giving you a lot of options. Users can also type in or enter words in as many as twelve Indian languages; which makes it a bit different from some other browsers around. Interestingly too, users can watch videos from a site like YouTube in a small window; making it possible to browse other website while watching videos. Of great importance is the feature that allows you to change to different skins to give your browser that unique look that you love.

Some of the features may not be top-notch, but things will certainly get better in the near future.

Want to check it out? Visit EpicBrowser.

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