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mfNotepad 0.0.217

O. James Samson - February 25, 2011

mfNotePad is a utility tool designed to replace the yellow post-it notes around your monitor. The application appears as a thin line on the edge of the screen; however, each file has its own color that a user can set. It allows you to add up to twenty files, and can also used as a program launcher. All you need is to left click and hold on, and a color opens the text editor temporarily; the right click makes it stay open. You can even configure a windows hot-key to open the last file edited.

The Rich text format support (RTF fonts, sizes, colors, lists, bold etc.) Users can also search through all of the files as well as set bookmarks. mfNotepad is also capable of encrypting your text files with a password, so no-one else can read them. (With an option to auto encrypt if computer is idle.) You can click on the F1 button to access more information. Version 0.0.217 has been modified to accommodate a few changes and a few bug fixes as well. This version also requires the Richtx32.ocx to be in the same folder or in Windows system folder.

The basic requirement to install this version on your system includes a Visual Basic 6 runtime file; and this can be downloaded straight from Microsoft.

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