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O. James Samson - January 29, 2013

logoDid you know there is an application or a tool that enables you run any application with a parameter instead of going to the command prompt? That is precisely what a tool like RunWithParameters is designed to achieve. This open source application makes your task easier, and saves you a lot of time as well.

What is RunWithParameters all about?

RunWithParameters is a tool, which allows running any application with a parameter. Instead of going to the Command Prompt, users can right-click an application and enter the parameters in the pop-up window. Previously used parameters are saved in a history for re-selection.

The publishers have made several changes to version, which include the following; addition of option to save global history, installer is rewritten, addition of history parameter, removal of single-user support on windows 2000 (and later), remember typed parameter when toggling history, improved multiuser handling, improved performance, increased default history maximum, updated list of default parameters, and fixed bug when using parameter containing single quotes.

With RunWithParameters, you can run any executable file with the parameters that file accepts as input; especially if you are experienced when it comes to using a program like this.


RunWithParameters is an advanced program with advanced features; and may only be useful to users with experience.

Want to check it out? Visit RunWithParameters.

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