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Database File Explorer Beta

O. James Samson - June 27, 2013

With Database File Explorer, you can now achieve a lot of things with much ease. It allows you to easily access some of your files with minimal effort; and is absolutely free for download.

What is Database File Explorer?

Database File Explorer is a simple, yet powerful solution for exploring your files and file groups and quickly understanding their locations and disk-space usage. With lots of fixes, changes, and updates; Database File Explorer is better positioned to perform even better than the last version.

Some of the latest fixes and updates include the following; addition of extended database properties, addition of multiple selection support to shared repository (wide),fixing of double-click on non-server on shared repository, and a couple of other minor fixes carried out during the update.

Database File Explorer enables you to understand file locations and disks-usage, how much space is used, per file, per file group, per hard-drive or per database. These are usually very difficult tasks without a quality program that enables you to find your way through. Database File Explorer is not just a quality application; it is also available for free.


The application currently has no downside; and is about one of the most useful programs you need to have on your system.

Want to check it out? Visit DoccoLabs.

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