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Ciaran Moore - May 30, 2014

ZeZebra is free software that makes sending large files as simple as dragging and dropping (or right clicking) your files, however it is not your well-known file file hosting ‘upload’ service; instead, it installs as a desktop program and enables you to connect with other ZeZebra users direct without the need of uploading to some remote server.

Among its features, ZeZebra has Right Click functionality: in the Windows version, Direct Transfers: certainly no uploading to a server anyplace,Desktop to mobile transfer: without needing to have each device attached to the same network, and with no bandwidth limitations.

Multiplatform it has support for  Anrdoid and iOS (and also Windows and Mac). A nice user interface: with drag and drop,also with right click in order to grab links. Photo Album Support: that is actually rather nice, even though it does require that you’re online at the time.

In addition to ZeZebra making sharing large files straightforward on almost any platform, which includes mobile, it performs what it does very nicely and delivers a good, elegant end user experience.

If you would like a good way to move files off your desktop to your mobile (Android or iOS), zeZebra is certainly a good solution. In contrast to quite a few of these kinds of utilities, it doesn’t require that desktop and mobile link to the same networks, it doesn’t have a bandwidth restriction, and different from services such as Dropbox, it uploads device-to-device and does not upload to a server somewhere online. A good application overall, for sending large files.

ZeZebra has desktop clients for PC and Mac, along with apps for Android and iOS.

Check it out at

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