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Flashstopper for Firefox

Ciaran Moore - August 26, 2014

Perhaps the most irritating elements on the web are auto-playing contents. This is often a video that abruptly begins actively playing with or without audio, a colorful flashy advert which makes you dizzy merely by glancing it, or audio-only content.

Not only will this end up being very annoying given that it’s not at all times obvious exactly where audio might be originating from especially if you have multiple tabs open, but it’s also simply distracting and may even effect the load of your system too.

Whilst the click-to-play setting in Firefox might be an answer for it, because it prevents all Flash contents automatically, so therefore,  it might not be the perfect option.  For example, it doesn’t block HTML5 video contents from getting played on websites like YouTube. Additionally, it might not reveal information regarding the actual content that the particular website wants to play.

That’s where Flashstopper comes in…

FlashStopper is a free extension available for Firefox that blocks Flash content from playing automatically on the webpage.. Though it may be all about Flash, additionally, it can block YouTube and Yahoo HTML5 video contents too.

The extension is dependent on the autoplay execution of websites meaning that it might not necessarily perform on all sites that you might try it on.  Having said that, it ought to work with lots of different websites including many of the most common websites on the Internet.

Any time you open up a site with autoplaying contents, the extension will block those before they begin to play. In relation to video, it’ll show a still thumbnail picture of the video and a play button meaning that you can click the button to begin playback immediately.

Whilst it might be handy to block auto-playback of Flash and HMTL5 contents on sites, you are able to customize that for some sites. If you want to look at videos on YouTube for example, you can permit the site to autoplay either for the session or until you revoke the permission again.

An additional useful feature of FlashStopper is its proactive blocking feature. This tries to modify source code on sites you visit to change the playback method to make it compatible with the extension in order that it can block autoplay contents. As a final point, it’s possible to manage all site permissions to revoke them again.

FlashStopper for Firefox is a useful extension for people that use the browser that like additional control over auto-playing video contents online. Although it will likely not catch all of them all, it takes care of many that you might be exposed to usually.

In the event that you require HTML5 video blocking on YouTube or Yahoo, this is the add-on to try out!

Check it out at Mozilla Addons.

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