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Corel Painter 2015

Ciaran Moore - January 13, 2015

Corel Painter is similar to a limitless artists toolbox – at the center of the application are its many complex brushes, which convincingly imitate natural media.

Previous versions saw the release of Real Watercolor and Real Oil brushes, which basically allow you to watch paint dry.

In contrast to Painter’s standard fare, Particle Brushes don’t replicate analog tools. Quite simply, if you’re a purist and you really like your art to look as if they have been hand drawn, you may well struggle to come up with ways to use a few of the new Particle Brushes.

One more area which has been improved upon is speed: Corel says Painter 2015 is about 40 % speedier compared to its precursor, Painter X3. Nevertheless, a few of the brushes are processor-intensive, particularly the previously mentioned Real Watercolor. it was still in a position to slow Painter 2015 to a crawl on a powerful PC when rapidly painting several strokes using a Real Watercolor brush. As soon as the paint completely finished drying, Painter returned to its usual speedy self. While jitter, which is basically adding some randomness on to the strokes, isn’t a new comer to Painter 2015, it’s been improved upon.

If perhaps Painter is likened to a limitless artist’s toolbox, that can end up being equally a blessing as well as a curse. Painter 2015 assists simply by presenting brand new color pallette plans, which are sometimes a bit too many. Consequently whenever you launch Painter, now you can choose a Simple interface with only a small number of large buttons or maybe the Illustrator or Photo Artist one. An additional integrated layout features only the brushes new to Painter 2015 when ever you really want to try out only the latest and the greatest.

While paint brushes are generally at the center of Painter, occasionally you might need to tweak the visual appeal of your complete image. Painter 2015 applies the effect to the complete image, enabling you to see exactly precisely what you’ll get and modify effect options as necessary.

On the other hand, its debatable whether this new version really brings anything that new to the table.  If you happen to be a happy user of Corel Painter X3, I’m not really convinced any of the brand new features or improvements should persuade you to upgrade.

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