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Webcam Surveyor 3.1.0

O. James Samson - January 27, 2015

The webcam offers us different opportunities to try a lot of things. From video recording to chatting, and video broadcasting; the opportunity to do the things we always wanted to do keeps increasing. With Webcam Surveyor, you can do even more because of the number of key advanced features included in the program.

What’s the big deal about Webcam Surveyor?

Webcam Surveyor is all in one web cam software solutions includes: video surveillance, capture, video broadcasting and monitoring tools. With it you can record video from your webcam, take snapshots or record a sequence of snapshots into a video file, broadcast live video and audio streams over Internet and local network. Webcam Surveyor will help to track safety and will inform you if something happen.

With stealth mode you can hide Webcam Surveyor on your computer. It is allows to record video at the presence of undesirable people or to find out what happens with your PC in your absence. The built-in browser allows to easily organizing captured images and video clips.

A couple of changes were made to version 3.1.0. Some of these changes and fixes include the following: new video format dialog box; fixed compatibility issue with Microsoft HD webcam series; fixed bug in data time overlay; improved compatibility with YUY2 format; and a couple of other bug fixes.

Note that Webcam Surveyor has a 30-day trial limitation and the full version will cost you $29.99.

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