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Ciaran Moore - May 19, 2016

Spamdel is an anti-spam filter which gives you the opportunity to reply to and compose emails quickly, while organizing your spam and providing you with the chance to preview a message before it reaches your computer. This way any viruses and malware can be prevented from entering it.

This software has many advantages for it’s users. It is incredibly easy to use and it has a wonderful user-friendly interface and inter-operability with any email software like Outlook Express, TheBat and many more. This software offers you great protection from any types of spam and attacks from hackers, given the fact that it works on a server, preventing those attacks from reaching your precious personal computer.

It can be made to go online only when you are on your laptop. It is compatible with Cable/ISDN and/or Dial-Up server. You can dial-up desired host if you wish and it can hang-up after some time has passed. Your host mail can be kept visible even when you are offline.

Thanks to the advanced security system, viruses will have a hard time accessing your computer. From time to time, you will receive special notifications that will inform you for any new emails and status changes. It will not make your computer slower, because the software is really light. Your email will be automatically checked from time to time, to notify you if you have any new emails. Every email can be seen before it reaches your personal computer. Also, those mails can be replied with the “quick reply” function. When the mails come to your inbox, they are categorized in different types. And guess what is the best thing? It’s Free!

Check it out at the homepage

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