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Navy Field for armchair Seals

Phil South - February 16, 2007

navy.jpgNavy Field is a fantastic new multi-player seasfaring online combat game. It differes from alot of online strategy games in that the scenarios are based upon actual World War II naval battles. One fo the defining qualities of this software is that it’s very authentic and a lot of thought and research has gone into it.

You’ve got actual WWII ships, weapons, and aircraft at your disposal,and you can play as the allies or Germany and Japan. It’s like SimNavy. You build the ships, add weapons and order your sailors around. Large download, about 350Mb orso, but worth every second of download time. If you are a strategy nut, which I am, you are going to love it. Superb.

Run over to the official web site for more details.

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2 Responses to “Navy Field for armchair Seals”

  1. Vikas Says:

    hey I hv not yet downloaded it but I hope it will be gud. but the problem is how to download it???

  2. reece brookes Says:

    that game is amazin i love it!!!!!!(navyfield)

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