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SolSuite 2014 14.10

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

With a collection of so many popular solitaire games all in a single program, called SolSuite, you can access your favorite games including Gold, Monte Carlo, Forty Thieves, Spider, Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid, and a host of others.

What is SolSuite?

SolSuite is a high-quality collection of 500 solitaire games. All your favourite games are implemented: Spider, Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid, Golf, Busy Aces, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Carpet, Flower Garden, Rouge et Noir, Monte Carlo and original solitaires that you cannot find elsewhere.

SolSuite features hundreds of games that you can choose from including a dazzling selection of card faces & backs, large card sets for ease of viewing, ribbon interface for enhanced gameplay, skins to customize your playing area and fast, courteous support.

For avid solitaire fans, this is one huge collection to keep you busy. The collection is addictive, and keeps you busy with a lot to do. The fact that you can choose from a number of exciting games is something to attract anyone to SolSuite.

Does it have any downside?

It is a collection of highly addictive games. Besides, most of the games are repetitions, but that is not to take anything away from SolSuite.

Want to check it out? Visit

SolSuite 2013 13.3

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Are you a big fan of solitaire? What if you were to get all your favorite games – over 500 of them-in one application? Here is what you get when you install the SolSuite.

What is SolSuite?

It is a collection of about 500 high quality solitaire games that you may not get elsewhere – Spider, Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid, Golf, Busy Aces, Canfield, Gaps, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Carpet, Flower Garden, Rouge et Noir, Yukon, La Belle Lucie, Monte Carlo Foxtrot, and many others! Because the authors have you in mind, they have also created several other solitaires that are fun such as King of Scotland, Foxtrot, Mayflower and many others!

This application gives its users an exciting gaming experience with several hundreds of games to choose from, an amazing selection of card faces & backs, large card sets for ease of viewing, ribbon interface for enhanced game play, skins to customize your playing area and fast, courteous support. SolSuite: it’s addictively fun!

Some of the features of this exciting program include: over 500 of the world’s best solitaire games, over 80 awesome cards, more than 300 beautiful card backs, more than 100 backgrounds and lots of advanced features, options and stats.


One of the best solitaire suite around, be sure to check it out at Solsuite.


Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Monsters have time and again sparked intrigue and interest in the viewer which clearly explains the success of majority of them whether it is Jurassic Park or Anaconda and many other movies which had the prime focus on dealing with a gigantic creature or monster. Even when we talk about mentioning the appearance of demons or monsters, the discussion always seems to get on a lengthy and more interesting note. Most of us have seen the popular Hollywood movie Tremors, wherein in the main antagonist the creature Graboid makes life hell for the inhabitants of a small town and burrowing its way into the sandy lands to search for food, more precisely humans. To include all the excitement and interest in a visual game can be made possible with Groboid 1.0 which promises as much fun and action as the movie series.

Groboid 1.0 comprises of some intuitive features and vibrant looking graphics and the screen illustrating excellent 2D graphics which depict the struggle of Groboid creature making its way through the desert plains and being attacked by external human forces such as bombs and grenades. This dynamic and lively game contains some fun filled and happening music and tunes and makes the playing more enjoyable. The enormous creature is driven by hunger and must find its way around the lands to locate food in the form of humans. However, as the levels progress, it has toe face helicopters and tankers and must save itself and combat the odds by throwing rocks with a specialized feature. The main goal is to consume as many people as possible and score more and more points before the creature is himself killed.

Overall, Groboid certainly earns respectable kudos for its enhanced working and simple to navigate features.

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Friday, September 17th, 2010

Knights and dungeons were the premises of several fairy tales and comic books which as children we used to read in amazement and excitement. Several movies and games have been made out of these tales premising on medieval kings and gladiators with sword fighters and fire breathing dragons. Kings and stories of their wondrous kingdoms replete with multifaceted wizards and witches hike up the entertainment and fun value of the game or movie as these created with numerous spectacular looking special effects and multiple fantasy locations and creatures that make it a visual treat. A similarly premised game called Styrateg 1.05 has been developed to cater to such audiences and is an integrated mixture of action, adventure and excitement.

Styrateg consists of a vivid looking animated interface with vibrant hues and chief options placed at the right pane in the form of colorful icons and symbols. The screen displays the scenes of countryside and kings traveling and encountering vicious creatures and enemies. The story revolves around the kingdoms of ancient kings and includes unleashing of enemies and challengers that come from unknown places to spread disease across the place and dissipate all over disturbing the peace of the kingdom that forces the king to order his henchmen for destroying them all from the root. The kingdom have varied sorcerers and wizards with hidden knowledge and exploiting the braveness of the nobles and knights. The user will be transported to a magical world of fantasy and adventurous quests which will lead to deep forests, frozen lands and deep seas to unlock the mysteries from the codes buried in battlefields, ancient monasteries and villages.

To sum up, Styrateg 1.05 definitely comes across as an efficient application that provides ample opportunities for the user to have exciting escapades and journeys.

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Shot-Online – Golf Simulation Game

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Shot online is an online golf simulation and an immersive role-playing simulation which aims to reproduce the full experience of playing golf in rich 3D graphics. It involves a lot of community interaction and the improvement and leveling of the character you have chosen to be in the game.

While on the subject of community and role-playing, the game includes elements of realism and also rare elements taken from the real-life game of golf. Practicing often and playing with players of differing skill levels will allow you to advance your capabilities. Also quests and the exchange of items add more feel to the community aspect of the game.

The game includes its own physics engine which aims to reproduce the dynamics of a golf course and the physics involved correctly. Watching a game being played out is similar to watching a golf tournament that you would watch on TV. This includes different camera angles and a gallery mode. No matter if you’re playing a game yourself or just watching, Shot Online golf has been made to look and play as close to the real thing is possible.

This is definitely worth checking out for any golf fanatics reading this whether you’re into playing the real thing, can’t afford clubs and fees, or are just plain lazy!

Visit the website here.

Pro Wrestling Nexus: Complete

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

If you are a wrestling fan and love to number crunch and go through a number of what if scenarios in your head, you are absolutely going to love this extraordinary piece of freeware available online. Pro Wrestling Nexus: Complete was released as an update to the previous version of the game with the same name and now includes an interface that allows you to simulate wrestling matches between many different wrestlers from across the ages. Support for 350 different wrestlers exists within this game, allowing you to pick people that might never have fought in real life and go through the ultimate what if scenarios in order to see who the best wrestler of all time actually is.

You can create different championships with this game and even get the wrestlers that win those championships to defend their titles time and time again. You can even create new wrestlers of your own and match them against the best the world has ever seen. With extensive statistical tracking, you can even know exactly what is going on with each wrestler at any given time.

More information about this simulator can be found at

BrickShooter Online 1.4.5

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

BrickShooter comes across as a challenging game that teases the gamers’ brain by testing their logical skills in moving and joining the tiles to a suitable position to earn points in the game. If you really like the thrill of the game, then you can even try the BrickShooter online 1.4.5, which is an online version of the game.

The game is compatible to work with almost all known browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Since, the game is cross platform, it can be enjoyed on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or any other operating, or even an Apple iPhone. The game presents various difficulty levels testing your skill to analyze and make the correct move.

While playing the BrickShooter Online 1.4.5 you can begin with level 1 and start playing the BrickShooter game. Even the game settings can be customized according to your preferences, where you can alter the number of colors, and turn on or off the sounds, music, fullscreen and timed game. Even, you can select the program skin for giving it a desired appearance. On the game screen, the complete mid area is filled with multiple colored bricks and the center part is where you need to slide the brick to make a group of three bricks, and for making it vanish.

You would gain points as the bricks vanish, and your scores for each level are recorded wit the program, which can easily be accessed. Along with these functions, you can anytime begin with a new game, jump to previous or next game, even undo one step, and save the game to play it later. Playing the game is easy and requires the players to apply their tactics in moving the bricks to a right position.

BrickShooter Online 1.4.5 is fun and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere conveniently with your default browser.

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WeGame – Share your gaming screen-shots and videos

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

WeGame is a video gaming website for gamers to share gaming videos and screen-shots. These can then be commented and rated by others. Lately this site has also brought out a video game recording software also called WeGame.

You’ll need to create an account at the website, but this is free to do. The videos and screen-shots that can be made with the program are saved on your computer with the option of uploading to the website if you should choose so. It also includes an option to automatically upload screen-shots but this can be turned off in the settings.

Creating videos or taking snapshots of your gameplay can be controlled by 2 hotkeys. You can select the quality of the recording , so you can have low quality for faster loading from the web or better quality if you’re just watching it locally from your computer for example.

Well worth checking out if you’re an avid gamer wanting to show off your skills!

Check out the WeGame site here

CanYouRunIt – Check if your pc can run that game!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

CanYouRunIt is an online tool that gamers are sure to find useful.

If you’ve ever bought a game and excitedly brought it home only to find out that your computer is unable to run it, then this is a site worth adding to your bookmarks. It has an ever-growing list of computer games, mostly current popular titles. You simply select the one you’re interested in buying/installing, – you can safely accept any prompts that pop up, as it needs to scan your system. This takes about a minute or so.

It gives a detailed rundown on several areas such as graphics card, free memory and processor requirements for the game in question. The report is detailed yet simple enough for just about anyone to understand. It compares the games minimum system requirements to your systems capabilities, letting you know clearly if you’re able to run that game. This is a cool tool for example, for parents who’d like to make sure their computer can run the game their little one has been begging them for,(also suitable for the big kid in all of us who needs a break from work at times!)

Further info and start using it right away by going to the homepage here.

TypingWeb Amazing Free Typing Tutor 4

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Increase your typing skills so that you can perform any work faster than before. You need not go to any other place to learn typing as you can do it while you’re sitting in your office or home. TypingWeb Amazing Free Typing Tutor 4 can prove to be good assistance for improving your typing skills. It’s has simple user interface that provides you with different levels to learn and then test your skill and make improvements. With its well structured lessons and exercises you would know about your weak points that you can work upon.

TypingWeb Amazing Free Typing Tutor 4 software opens with a screen that asks for your username and then you can continue onto the next step. On the screen you get the main options placed on the top. With the ‘Main’ option you get the course, lessen, etc are placed at the middle screen from where you can choose and start typing. You can take the step to step lessons for learning the keys and then begin the typing of words and so on. You can even keep see the record of the progress level with the stats that you can even export. Keys option let you learn and memorize the keys. You can change the preferences like enabling the sounds, small fonts, problem keys to be shown, and so on. Make your interface look pleasing by changing the skin according to your choice. You can save your profile and go to the most interesting part of the program the ‘Games’ option. You can select the game that teaches you the typing in a delightful manner. Type the words while playing different games having enjoyment. It’s so much fun to learn typing with TypingWeb Amazing Free Typing Tutor 4.

TypingWeb Amazing Free Typing Tutor 4 software is excellent for learning typing with effortless ease. It covers almost all the aspects that are required to learn and makes typing interesting for the user.

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