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Klipfolio – Really Simple Dashboard

Ciaran Moore - June 21, 2007

Klipfolio is a pretty useful utility for anyone who regularly checks a lot of different websites. Its main feature is similar to RSS feeds in that it brings the updated content to you instead of you having to go to your favorite websites one by one to check for updates (It also includes the ability to add regular RSS feeds).

You add “Klips” from the Klipfolio websites which enable you to have updated content/links, weather, or system info such as memory usage, etc. I like how a lot of information such as a summary appears when you hover over the “headlines”, this saves a lot of time (or distracts you from getting anything productive done, depending on your point of view really!)

You can place it anywhere you want such as on the top/bottom or sides of the screen and it allows auto-hiding, which saves space. There’s a lot of “Klips” available for it at the Klipfolio website.

My only complaint is that it sometimes crashes (maybe thats just on my system) but i look forward to more stable releases. Apart from that, this is a potentially time saving and pretty customizable, easy to use, useful program.

Go here for more info …and its free!

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