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Office scheduler (network agenda) 1.29

Tilgore Kraut - August 30, 2007

termin_collage.jpgThe office scheduler can keep the record of your business activities in the most detailed manner. The program would remind you of all the tasks. It would prove to be good software to manage everything like the appointments, reminders with alarms, etc.

The software do takes a bit of time for downloading but it’s quick with installation. the screen appears with a table like format. The rows and columns show the time, the appointments, and the executives and the room information that you put. You can know about the programs set in different rooms for availability. The weekly schedule can be set so that you don’t miss out anything. You can have the course overview and set the yearly schedule. A bar above the table shows the option to choose the resources or appointment like options. You can set the date and also it also has the calendar tool to make the year month and date settings. You can create a new appointment for a date with the dialog box. Set the customer, resources, make the notes and set the alarm all with specific date and time. The appointments can be edited and the details can be seen, with free times. You can search for customer details and also know all the appointment set with them. Also you can create a duplicate appointment. You can delete the set detail anytime and get the print of it. Also you can insert a new MS Excel sheet. You can easily set the schedule properties and program preferences. You can actualize; show the overlaps and the basic design appointments. Bookmark can be set and the resources can be defined. You can refresh the program and export the data to excel sheet.

The help option provides all the information. The software is good to use as it helps managing the business function easily.

(More info and Download)

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  1. Lynne Wilkinson Says:

    Not sure yet as I have only just downloaded it and I am hoping that it really is a free download as stated. If not then I will automatically delete it if it is misleading in anyway. I will let you know as soon as I start using it.

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