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WebmailSafety from Gwebs – Free webmail encryption

Ciaran Moore - January 28, 2008

WebmailSafety from Gwebs is free encryption for webmail. It ensures that emails sent across the internet are unreadable except by the sender and receiver. It does this by using RSA2048 & AES-256 Public Key encryption, ensuring very strong security.

In order for it to work, the person you send to must also be using it. The site says it will soon be compatible with all other PGP software though and they’re also working on a Web Client for receiving secure email, but currently you must invite your friends in order for them to send or receive secure email with you. Also, note that it currently only works with Internet Explorer, but they say FireFox support will soon be on the way.

It currently supports Gmail, Hotmail, MSN mail, Live mail, Yahoo mail and AOL mail.

This is very interesting software for those of you interested in security and privacy online (or maybe just a little paranoid?)

To download it and try it out for yourself, (along with the over 210 thousand others and counting) go to the website here for further details.

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