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Quickbot – Interesting MSN Messenger bot/tool

Ciaran Moore - February 4, 2008

Quickbot is an online bot that can be a useful addition to your MSN Messenger contact list. You simply add Quickbot to your MSN buddy list and then it can help you out in several ways. You do this by simply adding “” to your buddy list.

The functions it has are controlled by typing commands (listed on the homepage below or just type “help” to it in MSN Messenger). It can provide translations for most of the European languages and Chinese. You can also do a bunch of other things ranging from doing calculations, telling the weather, news headlines, reversing text, random quotations,and generating insults, among others.

It’s an interesting tool as there’s nothing to install or download and it therefore takes up no space on your computer. It also replies to non command specific messages with humorous (if somewhat limited) artificial intelligence, which is a fun touch.

For full list of features check out the homepage here.

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