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O. James Samson - February 4, 2008

StickyView is an interesting piece of software because what it allows you to do is to view all of your images from different directories in one slide show without having to worry about going around and moving pictures around incessantly.  
If you are like most people with computers, images will find their way into multiple folders and categories that will be removed from each other.   This is not necessarily even because of disorganization, although for some people that probably does play a part!  Even an organized person will have different folders for pictures and they might even have more folders than a disorganized person because of all of the different categories they have for their different pictures.
StickyView as a piece of software has a lot of good things about it, but the main is the extra convenience it provides.   Windows can not play a slide show from multiple folders and this can make it very frustrating for you if you have similar pictures in different folders that you want to view at once (i.e. if you happen to arrange your folders by the date they were taken, for example).  StickyView on the other hand will find all of your different picture files across directories and play them for you as much as you want.  That makes it a truly worthwhile piece of software.
More information on it can be found at

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