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Andreamosaic – Free mosaic creator

Ciaran Moore - March 27, 2008

You’ve probably seen them before, those pictures that, when you look closer, are made of lots of other much smaller pictures. I’ve always thought these were pretty cool. They’re know as Photo Mosaics and usually there’s a computer program involved in arranging them,due to the precise patterning involved. Andreamosaic is one such program.

To create such a mosaic you’ll need a selection of pictures to use as the tiles of the mosaic and you also need a picture to use as the main picture which you’ll be creating in mosaic form, out of the smaller pictures. You can then set the parameters in the program for creating different kinds of mosaics.

If this sounds a tad hard to follow, its worth spending a couple of minutes to read one of the step-by-step tutorials at the website, they’re very helpful and easy to follow. Theres plenty of options and settings, but the tutorials really simplify everything.

You can download it for free and start making your very own mosaics in a matter of minutes. For very helpful tutorials, examples and the program download, go to the homepage.

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  1. iwan Says:

    it’s a good program

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