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Startup Delayer – Speed up Windows boot-up

Ciaran Moore - March 31, 2008

One design flaw of Windows is that during startup, all the programs that are set to start at start up all rush to start at once. This can result in considerably slow boot up times!

Each start-up program is scrambling for attention to be loaded. This often overloads the computers resources and your computer crawls along until everything is finally loaded, sometimes minutes later!


Startup delayer is a small, free program for managing the order in which things load at start up. It enables you to set the order of start up programs launching and a time delay between each program.


This can take some experimentation before you’ll find the right timing for your computer. I think it’s worth it though as when set right, it has the potential to shave valuable time from your systems usual slow way of booting up. As this is freeware, you have nothing to lose! Give it a try, but give the help file a couple of minutes of your time,after all, its worth it if this can literally save you time in the long run!


Click here for more info and the download.

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  1. weihong Says:

    great download —- thanks !!!

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