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Outlook Express Security 2.05

Tilgore Kraut - April 28, 2008

Have you faced a situation when someone messed up your Outlook Express data by accessing it when you were not at your system? Well avoid such potentially disastrous situation you should give a try to Outlook Express Security 2.05. The software allows you to set password so that only you access the Outlook Express database. When you set the program to be active, it locks the all the data. Now Outlook Express can be accessed only if the right password is entered. It helps protect your important data like you massages, address book, etc. This function of the software prevents your data from being spoiled or stolen by anyone else.

MOutlook Express Security 2.05 shows the simple option in front of the user that can be set easily to start working. When you want the program to protect the Outlook Express data then you need to mark the given feature enable the protection. Set the Password that want to be applied for the Outlook Express database protection. It would prompt you to enter the password in the provided small dialog box. If in case you forget one password you can also set an additional password to enter for accessing the data. When you have entered the required details then the protection is applied to the Outlook Express. The software is best to be used of you need to move sometimes from your system or it has happened earlier when somebody damaged the data of your Outlook Express as it has your account defined. It is best suitable for the people who need to stay logged-in whole day as they carry various correspondence through mails. The software is easy to be used as it is complied of very less features.

Outlook Express Security 2.05 protects the information of your Outlook Express through password and denies access to any unauthorized person.

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