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Command Line Calculator 2.10

O. James Samson - August 18, 2008

Command line is a place that many old time programmers are very familiar with, having been involved in using it throughout the earlier part of their computer career. For that reason, applications that invoke the command line structure are sometimes received very well (especially if they are freeware programs) and the Command Line Calculator is no exception to that rule.

The latest version of this software was just released a few days ago and works on every Windows system from Windows 98 all the way down to the present incarnation of Windows Vista. It is a very powerful calculator that you can use for general purpose calculations and it has well over sixty different functions built into its operation.

You have an unlimited length for the expressions that you place in the calculator and you can actually use it to define variables and plot graphs. In addition to the built-in functions, users can define new functions through using the old ones and all of the progress that they make in using the calculator can be saved in order to be used another time. Overall, this is an excellent piece of software.

More information on Command Line Calculator 2.10 is available at

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