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Phun – Virtual Physics

Ciaran Moore - March 12, 2009

Remember physics class when you were at school? That’s if you where even paying any attention? Here’s a program for learning about physics that aims to make it fun!

Hence the name; Phun is a 2D physics sandbox that gives you a virtual area to play with simple machines and forces applied to them. Make your own gadgets and see how they work together. You can have them go quicker or slower. See what takes place when you alter the load on your machine. It’s could just be so much fun you might forget that you’re performing real physics here. While it may look like a game, Phun is actually based on ” highly competitive technologies for interactive multiphysics simulation, ranging from novel physical models and variational integrators to high performance numerical methods.” Yes, lots of big words there!

It’s aimed at no specific age group, but hey, let your kids have a go once in a while too!

Maybe when they get to highschool, they’ll have developed a keen interest in physics and won’t be falling asleep at the desk!

Download it here, see video examples, and read more info.

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