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O. James Samson - June 29, 2009

Free the resources in your computer or laptop with this small, mobile but highly important application. LiberKey is an application launcher for other lightweight and equally useful application. Users can customize the application they needed and pack them in LiberKey for easier access.

The interface used in LiberKey emulates the startup menu. The application will automatically display the applications pre-installed and ready to be used. Because LiberKey is lightweight, launching the application will not require a lot of resources. Users can even uninstall some of their applications to have a lighter but equally efficient application offered by LiberKey.

Users have three options on configuration of LiberKey. The Ultimate version contains more than 200 applications, the Standard has 106 applications and Basic contains 28 applications. The applications added in these versions are all essential applications that will allow you to be very productive and entertained.

The Ultimate version could still be expanded. The applications offered by LiberKey are not the only applications that could be added in the launcher. Other applications can also be added in LiberKey with little to no problem as long as they can be launched in portable devices. Because of this feature, there could be hundreds more of small applications that could be launched in LiberKey. Customization is practically endless.

There are two versions of LiberKey: the installed version and the portable version. The installed version requires a single installation that will allow access to various applications. LiberKey also has a portable version which means your portable hard drive or memory storage device could transform any computer or laptop to your preferred configuration of applications.

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2 Responses to “LiberKey”

  1. Pauly7 Says:

    Just so you know, liberkey rips off other sites like and lots of the software they package is done without permission/illegally. It’s also closed source and requires you to give them your email address. Plus it interferes with the local installs of stuff like Firefox.

  2. skverma Says:

    liberkey is the most important for any computer or user because it is light weight and multifunctional program provide easily,safe and secure.
    and i wish to the manufacturer company have improve the version.
    Thanks all viewer

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