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AVG version 9 Free Antivirus

Ciaran Moore - May 16, 2010

AVG version 9 Free Antivirus is the latest free antivirus release from This latest version of AVG Antivirus Free edition offers upgraded features of the previous versions and has added new features not introduced in the previous release. AVG has been in the market for the past 18 years and with that span of time they built a strong reputation as far as virus protection and malware detection are concerned.

So what are the features of this new version of AVG Free Edition? Well, AVG Version 9 still included some of the features version 8 offers like the traditional virus scanner but this time offers real-times scanning when opening programs to make sure that viruses, worms and Trojans don’t infect your system. AVG’s Anti-Spyware improves detection of malware, adware and other malicious programs lurking wanting to steal information from your computer. Link Scanner provides all out protection when you’re surfing the web through filtering webpages that contains malwares and other threats that might infiltrate your computer. Other features worth mentioning include an e-mail scanner for protecting your e-mails from threats coming from spam e-mails and attached files. AVG’s free antivirus license is valid for a lifetime of the product so no need not worry of an expiring license. Updates for the free version also last for the lifetime of the product. It also takes care of the infected files through its virus vault for analysis of infected files.

One thing that’s noticeable is that it may make your computer boot longer. When doing a standard scan of your hard drive, your computer slows down a bit but it scans your hard drive faster than its previous version. There are also those who claim that installing Link Scanner in your browsers slows down your surfing experience, though there is an option to disable it.

The free version offers limited functionalities when compared to the commercial edition, but it’s good enough to protect your computer from most viruses and other threats if you’re seeking a free solution.

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