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Flying Bit Password Keeper

Ciaran Moore - May 27, 2010

An excellent password is always long, and should be a combination of numbers, letters and special characters. However, memorizing complex password is not an easy task and memorizing a lot of them is almost impossible. Yes you’ve secured your accounts from being stolen, but even you can’t open them because you forgot the passwords to access them – in short, it’s useless. It seems that you need help on how you will achieve security without taking the risk of forgetting your passwords.

Flying Bit Password Keeper is a utility program allows you to store passwords in a safe, secure way so that you do not have to memorize each and every one of them.

The graphical user interface is simple but easy to understand. Large menus with relevant image are provided to easily identify a task. Display window is wide and items are displayed in a grid. The program also utilized the right click mouse option, when you highlight the item you want to modify, just right click to view the functions.

Its main feature focuses on creating, modifying and storing of passwords. The stored passwords are stored into a database. This database is encrypted to prevent other users from stealing your passwords, or if the database was stolen, you’re certain that they can’t use it to hack your account. You need a password for this encrypted database, so it is expected that you create a hard to guess password and memorize it. It’s easier to memorize a single password than to memorize many of them.

You can back-up your password’s database into an external storage device like flash drives. You can now bring with you your passwords and use them while you’re on the road.

You can create passwords from different accounts; e-mail, credit cards, software, Internet and networks. You’ve got all your passwords stored in a single program. The program also provide a built-in random password generator for a much harder to guess passwords. There’s more to explore features on this program so it’s suggested to read more on the help files to understand the program better.

Running the program does not create any problem since it only occupies little space on your computer memory. The program does not cause your computer to slow down or to affect performance of other applications. Passwords generated and stored are also safe and secured.

It needs minimal hardware specifications to run smoothly. You only need about 4MB of free hard drive space, 64 MB of RAM and CPU speed of at least 133 MHz. with the current space and storage capacity of computers, running the program is not a problem.

The program also runs only on Windows platform from Windows 98 to Windows 7.

This is freeware available for download at

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