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Passware Kit 12.3

O. James Samson - February 27, 2013

Need a program to help you recover your lost password real fast? Get Passware Kit.

What is the real deal about Passware Kit?

It is a total password recovery solution that provides corporate security administrators with the full control over employees’ computers and files. System administrators, IT professionals and help desk personnel can now get access to any business file whenever required. It can recover or reset many passwords instantly while difficult passwords can be recovered by its advanced acceleration methods.

Some of the features of this program include: instantly recover several types of passwords, Instantly decrypts MS Word and Excel files up to version 2003, Resets passwords for Local and Domain Windows Administrators instantly, Recovers encryption keys for hard drives protected with BitLocker in minutes, including BitLocker ToGo, Recovers passwords for Windows users from a memory image or a standalone SAM file and Recovers passwords for Windows users from a memory image or a standalone SAM file.

It can also Decrypt TrueCrypt, FileVault2, and PGP volumes in minutes, Extracts passwords from encrypted Mac keychain files, Extracts passwords from Windows/Unix/Mac hashes among several other features.

Dmitry Konevnik, the author of this program, has added a few changes to this version. These are: Extraction of Facebook, Google, and other websites’ passwords from live memory or hibernation files, Hardware acceleration: the latest ATI cards (AMD Radeon 7 series) supported, Distributed password recovery now with custom dictionaries, Portable rainbow tables for instant offline decryption of Word and Excel files up to v.2003 now for sale and Control hardware resources used for password recovery to optimize performance.

An excellent piece of password cracking tool. A bit pricey though.

To learn more about this program, please do visit LostPassword.

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  1. Jack Says:

    Passware kit is too expensive. I have purchased PCUnlocker from and it also works great!

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