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Soulseek – Free Music Exchange

O. James Samson - September 20, 2007

slsk_bird.jpgFile sharing is a big deal these days, especially when it comes to promoting yourself or your friends’ music, and Soulseek 157 is one of the best programs out there when it comes to free music exchange. This program has tons of options and it all comes free when you download the program.

First off, this program makes it possible to search for specific file types or users. Plus, Soulseek comes with its own special chat rooms so you can talk to the people you are sharing with and even create a contact list with all of your favorite file-sharers. This way you can stay in contact with the people you like, and not have to worry about searching for them over and over.

Another great part of this program is the fact that it supports all Windows operating systems so you don’t need the most up-to-date version to stay in touch, and it allows you to share all kinds of different file types so you don’t need a specific media player to open your files.

Many people are saying that Soulseek is the best new file-sharing program around, which say a lot considering how long some of the other programs have been in development. The only real complaint about this program is that it does not have a particularly attractive look to it, but it is possible to change the screen if you have the Windows XP operating system.

It is important to note that file sharing programs must connect to thousands of other computers to do what they do, and depending on the speed and performance of each particular computer you connect with, the performance of the program may go up or down. Not to mention the fact that it will generally be easier to download more well-known files because you will have more downloading options than if you are looking for a band that no one else has heard of.

Ultimately, Soulseek has been deemed one of the best new programs to hit the computer world. It is already very well developed and gives you many of the options that the expensive file-sharing programs do. Plus, it allows you to share files from almost any PC rather than having to update to a newer operating system. If you are looking for a good way to meet new musicians and hear new music, Soulseek 157 is probably the easiest, cheapest way to go about it, and there is no limit to how much sharing you can do. Aside from the slightly outdated look of the screen, there are no big complaints about the functionality of the program itself.

To get your free download of Soulseek and start sharing music now, go to:

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3 Responses to “Soulseek – Free Music Exchange”

  1. sabrina Says:

    i love this!!

  2. Maria Says:

    Very awesome music program,I was able to find many European metal bands that I could not possibly find in an ordinary music program. I especially recommend this to Users who appreciate the Underground music scene but who are stuck with with Dial-up

  3. Gregory Despain Says:

    Websites RSS feed is not work in my browser (google chrome) how can I sort it?

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