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Anywhere.FM – Listen to your music anywhere

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Are you a music addict? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had instant access to listen to your own music collection, as small or big as it may be, from any internet connected computer?

The Anywhere.FM player is a Flash program that works in your browser. You’re able to upload and hear your own music, and it lets you listen to others peoples shared music too.

Thinking about the legality of all this? This is fully authorized by the respective performance rights authorities to stream this music, so you don’t have to be worried about attracting any bad karma from questionable legalites. And whenever you discover something you like, they’re linked into Amazon, so you’ll be able to purchase the song or album for yourself if you should decide on it.

Anywhere.FM is a free to use web service and at least at the time of writing, there’s no limitation on how much music you can upload to the service.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me? – Website Availability Checker

Thursday, August 28th, 2008 is a web service that serves a single and effective function: to see if that website you’re attempting to load is actually down, or if your own computer or network filters are the trouble.

When you can’t get your homepage, or your favorite website (this one of course!), just go to,and put in the url of the website that’s gone AWOL, and find out if it’s really, um…down for everyone or just you.

I guess this may not work perfectly in a multi-server situation—for example, if a few Google servers were down but not others.
Even so, its still a quick and easy way to determine if your problem is at your end or the site you’re trying to reach.

May be worth bookmarking – !

LogMeIn Hamachi – Virtual Private Network

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

This is a useful program that lets you make a virtual private network over the internet letting you behave like a network and even play network games across the internet in real time.

Its widely utilized for gaming, so much so that some people have even developed utilities for providing an easy connection for games like Age of Empires 3, making network game connections across the Internet.Several websites exist dedicated to the listing of Hamachi networks for various games which have a multiplayer (networked) option.

Access can be controlled with a password if needed, just to keep it truely private so you’ll be able to password-protect your networks so that only people you permit can join. If you’re concerned with security, they have a page devoted to what they call their “Security Architecture.”

The free version is limited to 64 networks with 16 users in each, doesn’t have user ban or network locking, and only has low bandwidth relays on their server. To connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) using Hamachi, both sides must have the Hamachi client installed.

It’s a great idea for making a really uncomplicated and easy to set up network with friends to allow for network gaming across the web.

You can get it, along with further info, from the LogMeIn Hamachi Homepage here


Sunday, May 4th, 2008

TweetWheel is a web-based Twitter visualization tool that shows you how your friends and contacts are connected with one another. All you have to do is enter your Twitter username (no password needed) and TweetWheel will go to work digging up all of your contacts, and then probing their contact lists.

The process isn’t quick, it can easily take a couple of minutes if you have a large number of contacts. But in the end, what you get is a pretty picture showing all of your contacts sitting around in a circle, with an enormous number of lines showing which of your contacts follow one another on Twitter as well. The results would be pretty much impossible to decipher, if not for the fact that you can scroll over any Twitter user’s name to get a close up look at their connection lines. (more…)

Backflip – Online bookmarks manager

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Backflip is yet another of these great alternatives to bookmarking things locally on your computer. You create an account with Backflip and then add a Backflip button to your browser, now whenever you discover interesting Web pages, simply click the “Backflip it” button to save them to your Backflip account online and Backflip will organize them for you there.

They’re organized in your personal account, which is like your own personal search engine and directory of your “Backflipped” (bookmarked!) pages. These can be shared with others if you’re the social kind, or made private. You can have your top 10 most used bookmarks on your front page for easy access and it also has a feature called “My Daily Routine”, which assists you in visiting your daily favorites.

These online bookmark sites can be pretty useful, as you have access to your bookmarks from any computer. You also don’t have to worry about losing all your bookmarks if your computer should someday crash irrecoverably.

Further info at the Homepage.

Youconvertit – online file conversion

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Sooner or later a time comes when most of us need to convert a file between formats for one reason or another, usually because your particular program doesn’t support a particular format. Rather than hunting around for a file conversion program, there now exists quite a few sites for online file conversion and Youconvertit is certainly one of the better ones.

You have the option to choose between a very large variety of file formats. These include audio, document, image, video and archive file types. What’s cool about this particular service apart from the large range of file formats supported, is that you can add up to five files at a time for conversion. You can even add a url that links to a file online which you’d like to convert. It also provides an option for sending files to a recipients email address (again, up to five at a time).

As a slightly unrelated bonus but in keeping with the theme of conversion, they also offer unit conversion (distance,weight, etc)

It’s a site worth bookmarking, whether you find yourself needing to convert between file types regularly or just once in a while!

Check it out here.

VideoSpin – Free Video Editor

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Nowadays its pretty easy to make simple videos to upload online to websites like YouTube, etc. A lot of people simply use Windows Media Maker as it does the basics well and is already included with Windows. VideoSpin is a similar free program that does the same sort of things as Windows Media Maker, but a few extra things too.

In use, it’s very similar indeed, you simply drag and drop your video clips or music to the timeline where you can arrange, cut, crop etc and you can also add transition effects. So far this is sounding very much like Windows Media Maker right? Thats very true, but in my opinion it has a much more attractive and user friendly interface/layout and unlike Windows Movie Maker, VideoSpin has a fairly good title editor. It also includes an option of uploading finished videos straight to YouTube.

To sum it up , it’s worth checking out if you want a change from Windows Media Maker, it’s like a much improved version with better text titling and a more user friendly interface. Check more info and download it here. – Free 50GB online storage

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

There’s a lot of online storage services in the last few years, some better than others. But ADrive has to be the one with the largest amount of storage space yet (tell me if I’m wrong) with a massive 50GB of space. No, it wasnt a typing error, thats right 50GB of online storage space for free.

Its currently in beta and is totally free to sign up to and use. You simply sign up with your email address for a free account and then you can start using it immediately. It even allow you to do complete folder uploads, as well as drag and drop support. You also can optionally share files. What’s more, the maximum file upload size is a whopping 2gb.

I’d recommend trying out this site to anyone who has a lot of data they’d like to back up remotely, as the site is very well designed and very usable, the user upload interface is very easy to use too. This storage service is surely raising the bar in online storage with the huge amount of storage offered alone. Another good thing is they seem to take data storage very seriously and professionally as you can see by reading this link

More info and try it out for yourself by visiting the homepage here.

TypingWeb Amazing Free Typing Tutor 4

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Increase your typing skills so that you can perform any work faster than before. You need not go to any other place to learn typing as you can do it while you’re sitting in your office or home. TypingWeb Amazing Free Typing Tutor 4 can prove to be good assistance for improving your typing skills. It’s has simple user interface that provides you with different levels to learn and then test your skill and make improvements. With its well structured lessons and exercises you would know about your weak points that you can work upon.

TypingWeb Amazing Free Typing Tutor 4 software opens with a screen that asks for your username and then you can continue onto the next step. On the screen you get the main options placed on the top. With the ‘Main’ option you get the course, lessen, etc are placed at the middle screen from where you can choose and start typing. You can take the step to step lessons for learning the keys and then begin the typing of words and so on. You can even keep see the record of the progress level with the stats that you can even export. Keys option let you learn and memorize the keys. You can change the preferences like enabling the sounds, small fonts, problem keys to be shown, and so on. Make your interface look pleasing by changing the skin according to your choice. You can save your profile and go to the most interesting part of the program the ‘Games’ option. You can select the game that teaches you the typing in a delightful manner. Type the words while playing different games having enjoyment. It’s so much fun to learn typing with TypingWeb Amazing Free Typing Tutor 4.

TypingWeb Amazing Free Typing Tutor 4 software is excellent for learning typing with effortless ease. It covers almost all the aspects that are required to learn and makes typing interesting for the user.

{More info and Download}

Tourist Remover – Online tool for holiday snaps

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Have you ever been on vacation and trying your best to take a good photo of/with a monument or tourist attraction? But people keep getting in the way of the shot or walking or standing in the way? You could wait, but if its a busy area, you might be waiting a long time!

Now there’s an alternative! Simply take multiple photos, ideally with a tripod or very steady hand.

When you get home, simply go on over to this website to use “Tourist Remover”! How it works is, it stitches the tourist-free areas of your multiple shots together to form one “tourist-free” photo, free of unwanted people in the frame.

No one will ever know that your shot used a little technological help, and you won’t even have to hire any crowd control!

Check it out here.

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