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J.River Media

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

This software helps organize your media files irrespective of whatever format they are, from music, pictures, videos and all. It’s actually an all-in-one player and an organizer.

One could copy files from portable digital devices into a well organized library. One could also create your favorite media collection….

Its skins are quite beautiful with full screen modes that are customizable and optional pages that show details of files.

You should try it out yourself, go to


Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

This is one good IM. I never thought I could design my images, pictures and graphics and communicate with those on IMs. It’s just easy to use.

The widow doesn’t command so much in terms of beauty, just like Microsoft paint. But it works well for me and it’s quite reliable.

I should give the company thumbs-up for this ingenious creation. Its properties are also one to get acquainted with. It is also Multi-lingual and internationalized. I like it and I am sure you will.

Look it up yourself at

Decoration 1.0

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

If you have lots of images on your computer but are bored of watching them in the same style then there are chances that you would be looking for a change. To change the look of the pictures and make them look brand new all you need to do is get hold of Decoration 1.0. With its filter option you can select and make the changes to the images as you desire. Make changes to the color border, round corners, gradient frame and apply different effects to the images like drop shadow, mosaic, blur, mirror, tint, etc. You can even perform the functions like rotate, crop, zoom and so on, and adding watermarks to the images. It is even helpful in generating buttons for your website.

The Decoration 1.0 is uncomplicated in usage and does not require any special skill to make the required selections. Easily Load the files from your system or Webpage and you can load multiple files as the software supports batch processing also. You’re also provided with the preview option that makes it easy for you to confirm the selection of the images. Make the selection of the set of filters or create a new set and save it for further use. Make the selections of the changes that you want to be applied to the images like to change the brightness, gamma, glow, and have the image sharpen or use any other one. You can even have the filter parameters changed to suit your requirement like level of color, effect, etc. You can even have the image overwrite or save the output image with another name and select the level of quality for the image. In the same way you can have the button icons changed and edited.

Decoration 1.0 supports batch processing and its simple user interface is good for novice users to work with. It provides various effects that user can play with to modify their images and have fun.

{More info and Download}

Quick Article Pro

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Have you been into technical writing or professional writing for long or want to start with it? Well while writing, it is quite difficult to write different and better quality article each time. Now you can try Quick Article Pro 3.0 that is an online software for technical writing. With the help of the software, you can have the keyword rich articles written in no matter of time. It helps you to generate high quality articles relating to any topic and you need not to have any information about it. You can own the information rich content that can be modified for giving high impact SEO. It supports Word, WordPad and Notepad formats for publishing the articles.

Quick Article Pro 3.0 helps in generating the articles that are unique and contains the required keywords. You can have the keywords searched and article framed easily. To start working with the software you need to enter the keyword on which you want to search the content. When you click on Search the related Topics are shown in left panel from where you can select and view the content. The containing content is shown on the middle left panel from where you can have the added to the Text box. Make the required changes and modify it into a new sentence with correct information. You can view the full sentence separately and add it to your Text box. You can ‘Add a Custom Topic’ to the program. It’s easy to create ‘New Project’, ‘Open an existing Project’ and even ‘Save Project’. You’re provided with features to publish articles with Word, Notepad, Word Pad formats and even have it copied to the Clipboard. You’re also provided with and option, No. of Sentences per Search.

Quick Article Pro 3.0 also provides with Help and Language selection feature. It works to its best to get related search results for you so that you can get the content for writing even if you don’t have any special knowledge about the topic.

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Image Compressor 2008 Pro Edition

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

IMC2008 is a digital photography software. It contains image viewer, screen capture, comparer, retouch, photo album and compression tools.

Pros: Image compressor comes with a comprehensive set of tools that include import, capture, scan, retouch, compare, create photo album, share and compress facilities in one.

The basic facility of compression does not require the user to make a trade off between file size and quality. The application compresses the image as best as possible for optimum quality and a reasonable size. Viewing of images has a wide range of formats that include RAW formats of many popular camera makers; Canon’s CR2 CRW, Nikon’s NEF, Kodak’s DCR and Olympus’s ORF. Photo formats supported include image file types JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, GIF, PNG besides the RAW formats supported.

The additional but really useful functions include professional viewer, image comparison tools, retouching tool, screen capture, image grab from the net, EXIF data editor, photoshop filter plug-ins, web photo album creation and conversion/export to multi-page PDF, animated GIF, multi-page TIFF, PowerPoint and Word.

The comprehensive user interface with a large set of features that include such functions as screen capture or image capture from the net makes for a comprehensive tool for the graphics artist. The interface is simple enough to be useful for the learner yet has enough power to be useful for a professional.

The functionality of all the extra features offered are well integrated into the application. For example capturing images from the net or creating web photo albums do not require the user to come out of the application. Application settings, screen layouts, file associations, photoshop filters or web album are parameters that can be changed for setting up a configuration suitable for you.

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StatPlus 2007

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Need a good statistical tool? Check this out! StatPlus may be just what you’ve been looking for.

StatPlus is a user-friendly statistical software which has a simple graphical user interface. This software possesses a wide range of statistical tool applicable to different field such as biostatistics, gambling operations, calculation of lotteries, economics insurance etc.

Some of the statistical analysis tool include determining descriptive statistics, normality test, fisher F-test, table analysis, cochran Q Test, multivariate linear regression, time series analysis, polynomial regression, profit analysis and so much more.

The cool thing about this tool is it’s simplicity; StatPlus is easy to use because there are given instructions to follow for every procedure.

For more info and download, visit

Manycam 2.2

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Have you ever imagined being able to use your webcam in more than one application at a time? Yes, it’s possible with tools like Manycam. This is a program which makes this possible by splitting one video stream into several video streams. Sounding good? Well, give it a try, and choose Manycam virtual Webcam as the video source in your webcam applications. There are some features you can also add to the video stream by using Manycam, such as time, text and funny animations.

Manycam just got better with its latest update on march 13 with these latest features:

  • Create, add and submit new pre-made ManyCam effects;
  • New video source “Custom Desktop”;
  • New “Drawing over video” effect;
  • Additional features in “Text over video” effect: multiline input text, transparent background and text, color background;
  • Gif files support in “Still Image” video resource;
  • Pause, Stop buttons in Movie Source.

You can get more information on

iCash 4.2.2- Proper monitoring and control of your finances

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Proper monitoring and control of your finances help you know where your money comes from and to where it goes. Well, that’s where iCash comes in. It is a software designed to control your personal finance, keeping tabs on your incomes, expenses, debts, credits and Bank transactions for you.

This software just got updated recently and the following features were added and changes made:


  • • It is now possible to select what accounts to use to calculate general balance displayed in status bar;
  • • Automatic back-ups can be deactivated from the preferences;
  • • Currencies can now be updated automatically when opening a document;
  • • Account Statement report now includes a new column for Payee/Issuing.


  • • Preference panel has been redesigned and enhanced.


  • • New bank status display is now always visible;
  • • Balance panel and balance status now automatically updated when updating exchange rates or default currency

For more on iCash go to


Thursday, March 13th, 2008

There are many different encryption programs that are available on the market but as is so often the case for specialized programs the ones that work the best turn out to be the ones that are free! This is extremely true of encryption as AxCrypt is most definitely one of the best encryption programs out there and it happens to be free as well. The program’s aim is to allow quick and easy encryption of any filename through utilization of the AES algorithm.

The end result of an AxCrypt process is an encryption with 128-bit keys that is symmetrical in nature. It also allows the encrypted files to be compressed as well as editing with just two clicks of the mouse. When your file has been encrypted the file type changes from whatever it was to start with to the new AxCrypt encrypted file that possesses an extension of .axx and has a completely different icon from any other file type that you would normally see. The newest version of the program was released just a few days ago and it allows AxCrypt to become more aware of Windows Vista.

More information is available at

Microsoft Expression Blend 2.5 (March Preview)

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

This is one of the previews of Microsoft Expression Blend, a piece of software that used to be known as the Expression Interactive Designer. This is a piece of software that is simply phenomenal in its execution and because the particular market that it caters to is so popular at the current moment in time, it appears as if the Expression Blend is going to be a hit in any form.

If you are looking to design different applications and want a program that can help you make those applications great, then look no further than Microsoft Expression Blend. This software will help you design applications that are great to look at and it will help you utilize multiple tools to do that. Not only is there support for the creation of cinematic interfaces, but you will find that everything from pixel manipulation to vector dynamics is available on Microsoft Expression Blend, allowing you to get the job done in multiple ways.

This fully functional preview will allow you to get a full sense of what the program will be like when the full 2.5 version gets released later on this year and more information is available at

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