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PrettyMay Call Center for Skype

Tilgore Kraut - December 10, 2007

The application adds management of multiple lines (as in a PBX), Interactive voice response (IVR) , auto attendant and voice mail facilities to Skype phone facility.

Pros: The facilities provided combine the features of a fairly sophisticated private branch exchange with auto attendant and individual customized voice mail solution. Additionally it also has IVR solution. Call transfers between extensions and call recording is possible. It can handle up to 30 lines and thus is a solution that fits a small or a medium business quite well. Inbound calls and outbound call flows can be defined easily to configure this as a complete inbound/outbound or a mixed one. Skill based routing of calls to operators make routing of calls to appropriate operators.

Inbound call flow can be totally customized depending on the requirements of the organization. That includes the greetings and the sequence as well as actual options to be available to the caller. A visual call flow menu builder helps build these facilities.

Being a software solution it communicates with user PC’s through their sound cards, only. A range of records are maintained and reports provided. These cover line management, inbound calls management, call records management and historical data.

Cons: When used as a PBX solution for a small or a medium business, support for the crop of VoIP phones available in the market would be a good feature as not everyone in the organization in need for phone communication needs to have a PC.

A second issue that can have a major impact on the performance of the complete system is the power of main machine on which the software runs. Since the whole thing has to be real time, a high performance machine which handles the PABX and IVR facilities has to be used. This would be a very critical factor when configured as a call center solution.

Overall: Performance is a big factor in business use, particularly as a call center application. How well things will work is difficult to predict. Other than that this application is fairly well designed and reasonably easy to use.

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