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Tilgore Kraut - January 31, 2008

While copying your digital pictures you often may experience the problem that the system asks you to replace the pictures because of the same names. Every time you need to change the name of the pictures and then save them which ends up being a major hassle. Imagine the situation when you have to save a large numbers of pictures, then what? Well with the PicRename software it would become easy for you rename the pictures with the shots dates, etc. It makes it easy for you to remember the date and also arrange them in proper sequence in which they were taken.

PicRename opens with the pleasant looking screen that has the simple options to work with. To start work with it you need to select the directory that contains the pictures and the containing pictures are shown on the left side of the screen. You can have the preview of the images on the right side screen; it also lets you assure that that you selected the right images. You can make the selection to click to Select All that places the mark on all the boxes that are placed in front of the images. For having the name changed you need to make the selection from ‘Settings’ option. For rename you can use from the given options. You can choose the Date Picture Taken, Date Originally Created, Date Created, and also set to enable to Show Previews and Milliseconds. The program can read the EXIF tags and set the Date accordingly if chosen. When you’re done with the selections then you are required to click ‘Rename’. The images would get rename and you can save the changes that you made.

The functions and working of the PicRename is as simple as it appears from the description. You would not require much to do and also one of its best of the features is that the software can read the EXIF tags itself for setting the name.

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