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Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder 3.2

Tilgore Kraut - February 26, 2008

Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder is a easy-to-use multitrack audio recorder, editor and mixer.

Pros: The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder is an easy-to-use eight track digital audio recorder, editor and mixer allowing users to create professional quality audio productions. Each of the tracks is kept independent so that various editing operations can be performed on one track without affecting any of the other tracks. The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder plays audio back and records audio at CD quality (44.1 KHz, 16 Bit, Stereo). During playback, all of the tracks play mixed together as one sound. When recording new tracks all existing tracks playback simultaneously so that you can record in perfect time with the existing audio. While it is easy to use features have not been compromised. The Multitrack Recorder can also be used as a very versatile, MP3 and wave audio file editor which allows users to easily mix different MP3 and wave files.

Editing of each track can be done independent of the other channels. While editing one can zoom into and edit at the sample level for absolutely precision editing. Besides volume adjustments tools that can be used in this context are cut, copy and paste at the waveform level. The effects that can be applied are fade, reverse, echo, reverb and so on. The independent edit of each channel makes correcting problems very easy. Even when a track or parts of a track are to be re-recorded it the instrument/vocal used in that track only. To ensure the replacement of the exact part of the track punch in/punch out recording is possible and that can be marked down to millisecond. One can playback the already recorded part while recording these new parts so that one can ensure things are in perfect sync.

Once all the tracks recorded are satisfactory the final track is produced by mixing down these multiple tracks and then recording the output in WAV or MP3 as desired to create a CD master.

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