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SetPay Bill Manager 1.00

Tilgore Kraut - March 14, 2008

SetPay is a very simple utility to manage recurring online payments.

Pros: SetPay Bill Manager utility helps manage on line payments. Keeping track of payments, particularly those of a recurring due date is a problem. One tends to forget such dates and then payments get missed. One way to avoid such problems is to have a complete table of such payment with all relevant details displayed whenever required. Relevant details would be the amount due, what card might have been used for payment, type of payment-single or recurring and the website at which payment is to be made. Having all these details readily available is a big help in not forgetting a due payment.

The users interface is a spreadsheet like table where the payment details can be added by a add a record button. When clicked on it brings up a form with fields for the required details. There’s a calendar to help with setting a date. Removing a record also is as easy through remove a record button.

Cons: Biggest issue is this program does not have a reminder/alert associated with the payment dates. Without these alerts the listing or the schedules is meaningless as, for various reasons one can forget to even look at the schedule and then one would miss a payment.

Second problem is you cannot set recurrence schedule. One cannot just say that the payment repeats every month or every year or whatever there can only be a note saying this is a recurring payment type.

Overall it is really just a table maintenance program. Without reminders facility having these details in front of you is not much help.

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