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PC Health Optimizer

Ciaran Moore - June 19, 2008

The simply named PC Health Optimizer aims to be a one stop shop for all your PC optimizing and maintenance needs.

This multi-purpose program comes with over 25 tools to help identify and eliminate problems and speed up your PC, keeping it in overall good health. The areas it covers include memory, hard disk, registry and more. It includes an extensive range of utilities including a file shredder, a registry cleaner, start-up manager and hard disk diagnostic tools and much more.

The interface is pretty easy to work with, and while it may include a lot of utilities that are found in other such similar multi-utility programs, it also include a few extras. These include a real-time spyware scanner although it would be interesting to see how this compares to stand-alone spyware scanners. I guess another layer of protection in that department is a good thing though, and although I wouldn’t recommend getting it for that reason alone, it is a nice bonus.

The one-click-maintenance mode can keep things really simple if you set this program according to your needs and run it every once in a while. This program seems like a pretty decent all in one optimization tool for your computer, as they have included all the useful tools you are likely to want at some stage and they avoided adding confusing options you are unlikely to ever use.

It’s available in both a free and paid version.

For further details and download, check out the homepage here

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  1. RegistryMaiden Says:

    In my opinion the positive effect of registry cleaning software is overestimated. Often PC users consider this or that problem caused by registry errors, why in reality the roots lie in malicious programs (spyware, etc) lingering in the system. In such cases cleaning up the Windows registry with enough probability will not help as much as expected. For novice users this may be a reason to complain about installed registry cleaner under a wrong presumption that it didn’t help. Registry errors sure may add up to system problems, but they rarely can be blamed alone.

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